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Marvellous EGF Cosmetic of Fohow

A Beautiful Legend


By introducing the advanced low temperature freezing drying technique of the world level, Fohow group directly freeze EGF original extract into laminated solid structure, but not sheet-like morphology processed by powder. Therefore, EGF frozen dried film is of cavernous structure, which has great difference with ordinary sheet items in structure. EGF adopts super strong, safe skin penetration technique to ensure that biological active factor can be absorbed completely and can exert the effect of biological active factor to the largest extent.

 EGF is the so called “beauty factor”, which can promote epidermis tissue growth rapidly and help the skin look younger, so as to endue the faded cell with new vitality.

1. Epidermal repair: promote repair and regenesis of the damaged skin, has obvious effect on repairing of kinds of skin trauma like empyrosis, scald, and phototherapy, etc.

2. Anti-wrinkle: EGF can promote kinds of cell growth and split within of epidermal cells, and increase the fullness of the epidermal cells; it can also improve the growth capacity of collagen, repair aged and fractured collagen elastic fibers. When there is rich collagen, skin looks great and elastic, winkles reduced naturally, and skin looks young with vitality.

3. Pore minimizing: promote the compound of skin collagen, improve elasticity of the skin, and protect the skin from aging.

4. Stain diluting: EGF can dilute stains gradually by changing old and new cells proportion of the skin, reducing contents of melanin and colored cells.

5. Skin moisturizing: EGF can promote synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaeccharide, maintain moisture within the dermis, improve moisture retention capacity of epidermis stratus corneum, and endue the faded cell with new vitality.

Products Prescription : cordyceps frozen-dried powder, EGF, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin E, etc.

Application Instruction

first step: keep hands dry and clean, lightly tear the aluminum foil along the semi-circular incision;
second step: gently squeeze up at the bottom of aluminum blister with fingers,till the frozen-dried film detached from the blister;
third step: take out the frozen-dried film and put it at the palm, spray appropriate water essence for liquid;
fourth step: apply the dissolved liquid evenly on the face, gently tap so as to promote the complete absorption.

Fohow Legendary Breakthrough of Flash Frozen-dried Technology

The tablet for beautifying by use of biological factors was developed by Fohow quantum academy with great concentration. In the process, EGF was expressed by the world leading unique gene engineering technique, and total humanized biotic factor, which has the same biological activity that produced by the human body, are utilized to make biotic hairdressing get into its zenith.

1. With cold drying manufacturing techniques of the world class, it effectively prevents the change of biological nature of bioactive agents and guarantees the activity, fundamentally solving the world problem that the traditional activity is instable, inactive and difficult to be preserved.

2. Realize the possibility that the active factors can be used with uniwaferin per time in solid form; resolve the difficulty that hyperactive products are not easy to be used in a specific and quantitative form.

3. It is designed with the unique style of “sealed with double aluminum”. Both proprietary technology and manufacturing equipment are involved, realizing the convenience of carrying and applying and guaranteeing product to be safe and sterile.

4. Fohow EGF caterpillar fungus freeze-dry tablet is a kind of medicine which is scientifically prescribed with high-quality EGF, freeze-dry powder of caterpillar fungus, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E by use of super and safe skin-infiltrate technology. Therefore, not only can it guarantee the abundant absorption of bioactive factors, it can also quickly permeate into the deep part of scarfskin to make the rich nutrition contents dissolve rapidly so as to release active components, which makes the effects much more significant.

This high-tech biogenetic technology overcomes the difficulty which has troubled the scientific field for 40 years, realizes the scale produce of EGF, immensely lowers the cost of production, thoroughly solves the three problems which influence the promotion of EGF, making EGF that has wined the Nobel Prize get into people's life and applied for public hairdressing.Fohow_legenda2

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