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meiguiMake Your Intestinal Tract Young Forever

Developed by the Fohow enterprise, Rose Oligose is a new kind of candy, which is mainly comprised of extract of rose, oligose, Xylo-oligosaccharides and stachyose. It has nice mouthfeel and can boost digestion, and can be used for keeping health, also can be used as flovoring, thus is the health preservation food for people of all ages.

Material Composition  extract of rose, oligose, Xylo-oligosaccharides and stachyose

People who are allowed to take this medicine most people can take(including elders and kids), diabetics should take it in right amount.

Dosage : 3 times daily, a spoon once time

Function: 1. regulating flora of the body with bi-direction; 2. relaxing the bowel; 3.preventing the hypertension and arteriosclerosis; 4. protecting the liver; 5. absorbing the minerals; 6. preventing the obesity; 7. preventing the decayed tooth; 8. beauty effect.

What kind of product is the Rose Oligose?

Rose Oligose is a kind of clearing product. The temperature of bowel is 38℃ and the leavings of the food will be fermented and goes bad in such a high degree, thus produce much toxin which will be absorbed by the bowel and enters into the blood circulation. If the toxin deposits on the skin, the aging speed of the skin will be accelerated, thus arise different kinds of skin diseases; if it deposits in the liver, the detoxification burden of the liver will be added, thus cause failure of the liver. The latest medical study finds that the aging process of human begins with the bowel. Guang Xi province in China is a longevity area and it has something to do with their diet habit. The study finds that the foods they eat contain natural oligose, which can boost the growth of beneficial germ in the bowel so that the bowel can keep in young state.

The major component of rose oligosaccharide is oligose. As the substitute of sugar, it can be applied to people of all ages. Because it is not of high calorific value, people will not run to fat with a long time of using it. At the same time, people won’t have decayed teeth and see their insulin increased. It can be used by either being directly placed into the mouth, or placed into the tea, milk, coffee or porridge. As we all know, rose is the most popular product in maintaining beauties. The essential oil extracted from it can function to eliminate toxicant, calm the nerves, beautify skin and regulate endocrinosity. Using for a long time can refresh breath, with the fragrance of rose from it. What’s more, it also contains vitamin B group. Therefore, long usage of rose oligosaccharide can improve body resistance, delay senility, make intestinal tract healthier and make us young forever.

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