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Cordyceps Mask

kaukeCordyceps brings benefit for excellent facial skin

Cordyceps mask with independent intellectual property and obvious effect has been developed through many years concentrated research by experts of Fohow Research Institute of Health Preserving, following three principles of products development of Fohow Group.

 Main Ingredients Worm and grass essence, aloe natural skin gel, and angelica extract

 Functions :

deep moisturize, effectively maintain skin cell elasticity, medially nourish skin, renovate impaired cells, restrain formation of splash, smooth away wrinkles, promote capillary circulation, and help skin act and look younger.

 Magic cordyceps, the treasure for the skin

Caterpillar fungus, which is produced in the plateau zone of China, is of the best quality in the traditional Chinese medicine. In the international market, the selling price of a kilo of caterpillar fungus is about €10,000. In the traditional Chinese medicine, the caterpillar fungus is a rare medicinal herb which has both sanyin and sanyang in itself. The reason why it is called sanyin and sanyang is that it can live through winter and summer (winter is yin and summer is yang), live in two different environments of both over ground and underground (over ground is yang and underground is yin), and has the characteristics of both animal and plant life (animal is yang and plant is yin). People always grant it as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the balance between yin and yang, which makes it the only medicinal material to adjust and benefit yin and yang. A large number of experiments indicate that cordyceps extract has a lot of functions such as regulating the balance of yin and yang in skin cells, feeding the skin, maintaining the skin elasticity and inhibiting the formation of stain and so on.

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